Let’s do Future.



Dr. Jürgen Hambrecht

Chairman and member of many supervisory boards (among others BASF SE, Daimler AG, Trumpf Group)

Innovationsmanufaktur forges the future! Its approach to making complex questions controllable is becoming increasingly important for politics and the economy. Innovationsmanufaktur thinks and designs human and societal innovation and at the same time pays attention to economics. It challenges old-fashionedthought patterns and finds surprising new solutions that are persuasive.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Knie

Director Innovationszentrum für Mobilität und gesellschaftlichen Wandel (InnoZ) GmbH

If Innovationsmanufaktur did not already exist, it would have to be invented. In their daily routine, large companies do neither have free resources nor the right distance to start innovation projects without certain predispositions. And most small companies miss partners and experience.

Charly Waibel

Head coach alpine skiing male, German Skiing Association

„Holistic Innovation is the innovation processes' Bode Miller: unconventional but highly effective and at the same time a pioneer for a young, bold generation of creative heads who are keen on making a difference. The holistic approach has a very stimulative nature and constantly surprises everyone who gets involved. Thus, the creative potential of everyone involved in the process is teased out - even of those who did not think they were creative to begin with! My advice: Get involved and experience it!"

Maik Hammer

Leader ProKa Kreativ-Team, BMW AG

„Using Holistic Innovation, you win basic perspectives that could not be acquired incrementally. You look into the day after tomorrow and get reality-based impulses for innovation projects for tomorrow. These are both concrete and holistic. You overcome boundaries and jump in at the deep end; but the well-founded methodology results in a wow factor pretty soon. The methodology is really valuable: We did many projects together from which we still profit.”

Dr. Johan Kotze

Innovation management, Head Sport AG

“This is by far the most comprehensive work I’ve seen on the subject of holistic innovation. It covers all relevant aspects with practical examples taken from the sport industry to make it more interesting and tangible to the reader. The book challenges corporations to endeavour more radical innovations and provide the necessary methodologies and tools to do so – a must read for any company that takes innovation seriously.”

Prof. Dr. Carlos Acosta

Department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, Universidad de las Américas, Puebla, Mexico

“Esta es una excelente metodología que lleva al usuario a pensar mas atrás de los límites de la invención y lo conduce sistemáticamente a desarrollar ideas que de otra manera no podrían aflorar. Me sorprendo de mi mismo cuando en 5 minutos fui capaz de expresar ideas que no pensaba que yo podría proponer. Mas adelante la sinergia de los equipos de trabajo pudieron mejorar estas para llevarlas a una innovación que causa impacto entre los posibles usuarios y/o clientes.”

“This is an excellent methodology that carries the user on to think ahead of the limits of invention and that lets him in a systematic fashion develop ideas that otherwise would not develop. I myself was very surprised when after only five minutes I could express ideas that I did not think I was capable to propose. Afterwards these were improved through the synergies of the working teams, realizing an innovation that really has an impact on the user and/or customer.”

Benjamin Marias

CEO AIR – Agence Innovation Responsable, Annecy, Frankreich

“L’innovation holistique c’est comme la gastronomie française; afin qu’elle soit réussie, il faut: des ingrédients de qualité: des idées porteuses; des cuisiniers visionnaires: un réseau de compétences complémentaires; du matériel performant: une méthodologie approuvée; un laboratoire source d’inspiration: un environnement propice à la créativité; des amateurs de bonne cuisine…: des partenaires prêts à investir dans des projets d’innovation globale.”

“Holistic innovation is like French gastronomy: In order to be successful we need: high quality ingredients: leading ideas; visionary cooks: a network of complementing competences; competitive material: an approved methodology; an inspiring kitchen: an enabling environment for creativity; great cooking amateurs: partners ready to invest in a global innovation project.”

Dr.-Ing. Albinas Palionis

Lecturer with the faculty of mechanics and mechatronics at the Technische Universität Kaunas, Lithuania

„Holistic Innovation is from my point of view the finding of intrinsically new solutions and new ideas for developing sports equipment. I manage final projects for students of „Sportengineering“. Until now, all I asked for was the implementation of core functions. From now on, I am going to expand the requirements and establish new demands like elegance of usage and attractivity. At the same time, I will provide new subject matters for design with an emphasis on "finding innovative solutions" following your book. This is at the time my most important work on innovation.“


Excerpt from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)'s expertise on the book Holistic Innovation

„Seen independently from the object of research, the book is an important contribution to innovation research in the area of sports and similar topics. The author gives the topic of innovation a very broad academic basis in which he also includes social sciences ... The comprehensive portrayal is new but difficult to access because the four chapters only establish a basic order but in the separate chapters, knowledge is accumulated. The author realizes this and offers a navigation help to the book in his foreword. If you take the trouble to work the text out, Dr. Moritz's ideas absolutely help finding and developing innovative products, processes, and business models in the area of sport.”