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Munich, capital of cycling

Munich will be a capital of bicycles and cyclists! Together with our partners and Green City, we have been realizing a large-scale campaign to further bicycling in Munich since 2010. During the course of numerous small and large events, Munich citizens are actively included and encouraged to take the bicycle. Due to its interaction with other infrastructure measures, the campaign is already making an impact, as proven by latest statistics. For example, the modal split of cycling has increased from 13,6 percent in 2008 auf to 17,4 percent in 2011.

Moreover, since 2012 we are supporting the statewide campaign RadKULTUR (bicycleCULTURE) in Baden-Württemberg and Munich’s contribution to the nationwide promotion “Stadtradeln”.


You can find further information on the campaign under (in German only).

 Client: the City of Munich and the Baden Württemberg Department of Transport

Your contact person for this project is Georg Tinnefeld.

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