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HealWeal - Health in Mexico, Wealth in cooperation

Obesity is a very serious problem around the world. For the first time in history there are more fat people on the planet than thin or “normal” people (NCD Risk Factor Collaboration, 2016). Especially Mexico is struggling with overweight. During the last 25 years overweight became one of the most difficult challenges in Mexico. Responsible for that challenge are some reasons which could influence each other by time:

-       A sedentary lifestyle spreads even in Mexico: The percentage of daily movement gets smaller.

-       Industrial food from convenient stores gets more popular.

-       There is a lack of awareness for movement and nutrition which have an influence on people’s health status.

-       Finally the social inequalities are responsible, that a big part of the Mexican society cannot afford a healthy nutrition and adequate exercise.

The Mexican youths are the youths with the highest obesity numbers worldwide (“Salud y nutrición”, n.a.). Diabetes and cardio vascular diseases are rising.

The one long-term solution for these problems is primary prevention. This means movement and healthy food for every Mexican. It is important to integrate these parts (back) into people’s life. Therefore new products and offers are needed; attractive and accepted trainings in open spaces, at home or at the office, affordable healthy food around the corner and consistent financial support for active mobility.

On the other hand action in education and further training for the Mexican population is essential. New approaches must be developed and new offers should be generated. Information events should take place in urban and rural areas.

All these approaches are building chances for the country of Mexico and also for German businesses and academic partners. This is the goal of the HealWeal project: To work in cooperation with German and Mexican institutions and to find new ways into a moving Mexican society.

The project is funded by the German Aerospace Center (DLR)

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