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With increasing age, frailty leads to an increased risk of falling and affects the elderlies' ability to cope with daily activities. This also equals rising costs for care and therapy.

The project ELF@Home (short for “elderly sELF-care based on sELF-check of health conditions and sELF-fitness at home”) plans to raise the fitness of the elderly by developing an overall system that enables the users to check on their own state of health and fitness at home. Thus, the autonomous system to be developed serves for prevention against frailty, promotes the users’ independence, and preserves their health.

An intelligent fitness assistant composes personalized training schedules based on collected health and activity data, autonomously adapts them according to the users’ daily activities and lifestyles, and checks the correct execution. Thus, the awareness of the elderly for their own health is honed and a self-determined, active and healthy lifestyle is facilitated.

Information on the degree of activity are collected by a novel portable activity sensor that is exactly tailored to the needs of the users while the state of health is monitored by biomedical sensors. The system consists of the portable and the biomedical sensors, a TV as interface, and a visually supported system for the analysis of the exercises. All those components are attached to the service platform, which provides the necessary intelligence.

The project is funded by the European Commission and in Germany by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the framework of the Ambient Assisted Living Program (Call 5) and is scheduled to last three years (June 2013 – May 2016).


You can find more information on the project's website:

Your contact for this project is Steffi Erdt.

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