Let’s do Future.



We ourselves are of course very confident about our work. However, it is even better if this is also acknowledged by prizes and awards! During our more than ten years of existence, we succeeded several times in convincing different juries and committees of our quality.

  • 2015: The PrävenThese wins the Michael-Jaeger-Award
  • 2015: BioGlizz wins the innovation award in new concepts of TechTextil
  • 2012: Best Project (senior-citizen-technology-day) for GEWOS
  • 2011: official partner for innovation and technology to the German Skiing Association
  • 2011: Best Poster Award, AAL congress in Berlin
  • 2009: most creative entrepreneur (according to a test by Uni Hohenheim)
  • 2008: invitation to  the BASF Group Conference
  • 2007: winner of the Wissensfabrik's Weconomy contest 
  • 2006: Chairing Organization of the International Sports Engineering Association's 6th world conference.