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The Global Ride to Rio begins!

Wednesday, 18. April 2012

It's your turn! Take your bike and save the world! That is what the initiative "Global Ride to Rio " wants from you. They want to install the bicycle as themost environment-friendly means of transportation: Until 2030, 30 percent of all traffic kilometers worldwide should be realized on a bicycle or by other means of active mobility (including E- bikes, walking, inline skating etc.). Thus, not only the environment profits but each and every bicyclist as well.

For as many key player as possible to be aware of this campaign, its initiator, Eckehard Fozzy Moritz, will be presenting it at the Earth Summit in Rio (20 - 22 June 2012). And already the weekend before the summit, bike-activities will be taking place all over the world, for example in Munich. As part of the festivities commemorating the foundation of the City of Munich, the mayor of Munich, Christine Strobl, will be signing the initiative's Communiqué.The event will be framed by a bike symphony composed by the know jazz pianist Cornelius Claudio Kreusch. Bicycle parts will be used to play music - and you can take part as well! The audience can join in with their bells. The symphony will be recorded so everyone who cannot make it to Munich can listen nonetheless via Global Ride's homepage, youtube, or other channels.

Join in, help shaing a future worth living in! Come to Munich or to the website and sign the Communiqué!

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