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Some like it hot

Wednesday, 11. December 2019

Here, Fozzy describes his impressions regarding exercise and sports in extremely hot conditions. He concludes by inviting you to a “heat excursion”: Who wants to explore what happens in great heat?

Surely everybody still remembers the Athletics World Cup in Doha where collapsing marathon runners just after midnight were just the tip of the “heatberg”.

At the same time, I was on the other side of the Persian Gulf, where it is even hotter: The desert Lut is the world’s hottest place, but this is a dry heat. Bandar Abbas by the coast and the island Qeshm opposite the coastline are just as hot but oppressively so.

Why would you go to such places and on vacation to boot? My reasoning is that you can learn a lot about moderate extremes if you study the most extreme circumstances. As an example: You can learn more about lightweight cars if you try to incorporate car elements into a bicycle instead of making a car lighter. So, what did I learn from this extreme heat that can be applied to the conditions likely to occur during the Olympic Games in Tokyo or the Soccer World Championships in Qatar…

  1. Preventing inflammations is of extreme importance: I realize this not even 300 km from Tehran, not even in the desert Lut, at a rest area in the desert Kavir. Every inflammation in my body makes itself known, I resolve to add ginger extract to my daily diet.
  2. Dry heat affects the lungs: I visit the fortress in Bam in 43 degree Celsius heat. During the walk up the hill, the heat does not bother me, but the coughing lasts for several days – the dry dust is really persistent!
  3. Nobody exercises in the heat: I ask the locals about their strategies – they exercise indoors or in the evening. When I try out gyms, the temperature outdoors does not bother me, be it hot and humid or hot and dry. Similarly, the Olympic Games 1964 in Tokyo were held in October, under perfect climatic conditions.
  4. Maybe extreme athletes know some answers: There is an extreme marathon even in the desert Lut, 240km. I try talking to athletes and organizers, but this is not really constructive: “They are used to this”. I think, I have to prepare my next excursion better.
  5. Hot and oppressing affects motivation: On the island of Qeshm, I install my own circuit training, a short run followed by weight lifting and throwing. In contrast to Bam, nothing is easy. I have to motivate myself for every step and every lift. However, no health problems follow.


So much for my impressions. I know: A vacation is not a properly planned excursion. Plus, I was more than a month too late, the hottest time is in August, not September. So, here is my plan:

I want go to Iran in the middle of August 2021, three days each in the desert Lut and on the island Qeshm. Who wants to come? In the desert Lut, I already organized a driver as well as talks with participants of the Ultra Marathon. We could sleep in an Eco-Lodge near Lut and would even have bicycles. On Qeshm, we could talk to soccer players and coaches, have lodging at the beach and I know helpful people.

Are there any crazies, athletes, coaches, medical professionals, scientists, who would like to participate in this experiment? Please contact me so that I know whether this is going to be big or more a private experience …

I also look forward to receiving any suggestion regarding handling extreme heat you might have! Please email me directly: efm@we dont want

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