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SINN-i KickOff 2019 in Munich

Thursday, 18. July 2019

In the  international Sports-Innovation-Network (SINN-i), three very different project (Active City Innovation, Go,WannaGo! and STEM on the Move) unfold with the common goal to foster activity and bring the joy of movement to people worldwide. That´s why we had a joint KickOff in Munich linking the partners from the different projects, creating synergies and a common understanding of what can be achieved in the next three years.

A sort summary of the three projects:

Active City Innovation: This project aims at investigating how city spaces can become spaces of health and wellbeing. The main outcome of this project will be a compendium of possibilities in order to “turn cities into active cities”, based on the conclusions of the experimentation scenarios carried out in the participating countries.

Go,WannaGo!: The project will deliver an international, practice-driven approach with individually tailored settings to conceptualize, develop, and evaluate mainly ICT-based innovations to motivate being physically active and create a positive impact on physical and mental well-being. This is achieved by understanding the efficiency of the preselected motivators (gamification, music, communication and cooperation, rejoicing) in different experimental contexts that form the basis for prototyping and testing potentially successful products.

STEM on the Move: This project intends to bring more joy of movement to the younger generation and simultaneously promote STEM education. Specifically, we aim to identify STEM learning contents that are suitable to be taught by doing sports/physical activity as well as to determine appropriate teaching strategies. We will be developing four core STEM learning modules based on cycling, swimming, throwing and high-performance sports.


During the KickOff, goals could be defined and schedules revised in a relaxed atmosphere. One other mayor topic was the involvement of the international partners. First hand requirements could be gathered during a video call with international Partners from all five participating countries (Japan, South Africa, Spain, Great Britain and Germany).

After setting the preconditions for a successful project on an organisational and content level, we met in the evening at the red velvet saloon of the participating world class pianist Cornelius Claudio Kreusch and tried out the Jymmin system of Prof. Dr. Tom Fritz. There we could feel the power of music e.g. to be activated by music, discussed about arrays of an audio logo for the SINN-i network and through the use of the Jymmin system in acrobatic exercises.

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