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Save our Future - Cycle!

Wednesday, 20. June 2012

It is so easy to do something for the environment - just take your bicycle! The bike is not only the most sustainable but also the healthiest means of transport: By cycling you avoid noise, exhaust, and traffic jams, you save resources, and at the same time, you stay fit and improve your resistance to stress. We are certain: Fostering cycling means fostering sustainability! And that is why we took the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro as an opportunity to try and convince as many people as possible of the many advantages of cycling.

What happened previously on the Global Ride to Rio

We assembled an Action Team for our "Global Ride to Rio" campaign, we composed our core ideas into a Communiqué, and we collected many signatures. Since July 2011, we have been presenting the Global Ride at various conferences and trade fairs around the globe, from the ISPO in Munich to the B4E Global Summit in Berlin, to the Velo-City in Vancouver.

Directly before the World Summit, we then organized an Action Weekend: All over the world, bicycle events took place, for example in Munich. At the Stadtgründungsfest, Cornelius Claudio Kreusch and his band used a bicycle to make music for their "Bike Symphony" and the mayor of Munich, Christine Strobl, signed our Communiqué. Or take Cyprus: The German National Alpine Skiing Team dedicated a cycling tour to the Global Ride to Rio campaign.

Many, many signatures and of course Fozzy's lobbying made the campaign known at the Earth Summit. For more information, just read his Blog! And also after Rio, we made our message known, for example at the House of Logistics & Mobility (HOLM) in Frankfurt or at the Velo-City in Vancouver.

To put it in a nutshell: We were heard! But that was only the first leg of our "Global Ride to a sustainable future". We are looking forward to more exciting news which we will most certainly share with you! More information is to be found directly on the Global Ride to Rio's homepage where you will also find the final statement.

We will be cycling on!

Fozzy takes care of your questions and suggestions concerning the Global Ride to Rio.

(Photo: Uli Ertle)

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