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Friday, 14. December 2018

German elite athletics are traditionally successful on a large scale. This is not least due to an excellent support system consisting of renowned institutions and extremely competent players. However, reputation and competence alone are not enough to be a world leader in the increasingly changeable, dynamic, and competitive environment of today. This is true for elite athletics, but also for the automotive industry, for politic, and for innovators.

This is where the Innovation Hub Elite Athletics comes in, the answer to these challenges, founded by Innovationsmanufaktur, the German Institute for Sports Sciences, the German Sports Associations’ science coordinators, and renowned athletes. Its mission is concentrating existing competences and resources in order to foster the development, realization, and success of innovations. This means tuning projects, processes, and organizations, as well as innovation and change culture and courage.

In practice, the Innovation Hub is working on the following four focal points:

  • Organizing novel events for new impulses and solutions
  • Looking for new resources
  • Supporting innovation projects in associations
  • Optimizing the interaction with (German only), the networking platform operated by the German Federal Institute of Sports Sciences which emerged from Innovationsmanufaktur’s WISS network

Even though the Innovation Hub just started this year, its projects are already going full speed: This year, partners will be creatively developing new potentials for synergies, utilizing the potentials of digitalization, and finding new impulses to prepare athletes and their equipment for potential hot and humid (Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020), or dry and cold (Peking 2022) climates. A first approach to finding new resources will be convincing German companies in Japan to invest in the German team.

Charly Waibel, science coach at the German Skiing Association, speaker for the German Sports Associations’ science coordinators, and long-time partner of Innovationsmanufaktur regards the Innovation Hub as trend-setting: “Its idea has been jointly hatched. This is in itself an innovation in German elite athletics, which shows that even our microcosm has seen the signs of the times. In order to stay ahead of the international competition, we have to systematically connect the potentials of Germany as high tech location with the requirements of elite athletics. The Innovation Hub will be the platform, interface, moderator, and incubator of this endeavor. At the same time, it is a symbol for the new, creative, and passionate cooperation culture of all partners who are up for thinking new ways and are courageous enough to take them.”

The Innovation Hub is decidedly geared towards elite athletics, but can also offer great potential to the economy, such as novel cooperations, challenging projects, or great PR possibilities.

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