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Nerius-Cup: Javelin-throwing for everyone!

Thursday, 31. May 2012

Imagine Germany's best javelin throwers competing for a spot at the Olympic games in London - and you right in the middle and competing with them! This fantasy is made possible with Innovationsmanufaktur's javelin-throwing module, as seen at the Nerius-Cup on June 1st, 2012 in Leverkusen.

When world-class javelin-thrower Steffi Nerius quit in 2009, she founded her own competition, the Nerius-Cup. Even more, she added a so called „Kids-Fun-Park“, where it is the children's turn to do sports.Thus, while grown-up javelin throwers competed for a ticket to the Olympic games in London, each and every kid could show his or her own javelin-throwing abilities in front of the sold-out Olympic Stadium in Berlin: Every kid could try throwing the javelin farther than Steffi Nerius herself.

But our javelin throwing module is of course not just for children! If you want to try it yourself or offer javelin throwing at your event, you can just rent one of the modules. More information: is of course perfectly safe and can be set up in small places as well.

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