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Mobility Research at Innovationsmanufaktur

Wednesday, 12. December 2012

Some weeks ago, Innovationsmanufaktur’s team was complemented by three new, but not entirely unknown, faces. Sven Kesselring and Fozzy have known each other for a fairly long time while Katrin Roller and Gerlinde Vogl have met us only now – and vice versa.
We asked Sven Kesselring some questions about the new projects and perspectives he is bringing to Innovationsmanufaktur and how that adds to the company profile: Now we not only do innovation but also research.

Sven, you and Fozzy have already worked together in a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research called “Rekonzil”. Now you are a part of Innovationsmanufaktur, your research projects add to our mobility portfolio. How do you like working here?
The step from university to Innovationsmanufaktur was not a big one – especially since the TU München and the team of Innovationsmanufaktur did always have a tight relationship and already had some cooperation regarding mobility. By this I’m mainly referring to the Munich flagship project „MOBINET“  which ran until 2003 or to Wayflow in the Rhine-Main-area to which Fozzy, Gerlinde, and me did secondary research. During this research, we were mainly interested in the development of future-oriented and sustainable solutions for the increasing volume of traffic in cities. Some of our ideas have in the meantime been developed further and improved by Innovationsmanufaktur.
It is of course important to us that we encounter people at Innovationsmanufaktur whom we like to work with and who share our ideas. I think that in such an interdisciplinary surrounding innovative mobility projects can come into being, because especially as far as regards methodology, Innovationsmanufaktur has competences that just cannot be found at a university. By this I’m for example referring to the teamwork with Matthias who is Innovationsmanufaktur’s own designer – it is just great that content and form can so easily be combined into a creative process.

Which projects are you currently working on?
At the moment, we are doing a research project commissioned by the Hans Böckler Stiftung which is called “Räumliche Mobilität – rund um die Arbeit” (Spatial mobility – regarding work). We analyze the manifold requirements of corporate mobility which employees have to contend with. The study concentrates on companies and employees in and around Munich; its goal is to analyze mobility behavior from the perspective of the employees, that is, the traffic users.
Another essential part is the area of sustainable mobility. In this context I also coach the course of PhD lectures “mobil.LAB“ which I started together with colleagues from the Institute of Traffic Systems when I still was at TU.

What perspectives do you see?

The goal of our work is clearly to combine fundamental research and practical projects. We want to better develop the connection between science and practice and to this end we are looking for a dialogue between industry, policy, administration, associations, and NGOs. That is the only way to develop new mobility concepts and innovative forms of mobility policies and technologies. Innovationsmanufaktur is exactly the right place for this.

You can also find information on Prof. Dr. Sven Kesselring, Dr. Gerlinde Vogl, and Dipl.Soz. Katrin Roller here.

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