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Living independently with new technology

Wednesday, 03. April 2013

The age of society is constantly increasing and thus completely new challenges will arise in the future. Therefore, we are very happy to announce that we have been granted not one but two Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) projects by the EU program AAL JP Call 5: ELF@Home and AHEAD.

The goal of this call is to support the elderly in their homes by means of technology so they remain independent as long as possible and have a better quality of life. The problem is of course that many elderly are skeptical with regard to new technology and therefore often do not accept theoretically good solutions. Thus it is Innovationsmanufaktur’s task in both projects to include the elderly end users from the get-go in order to tailor the new technologies to their needs.

The project ELF@Home (short for „Elderly self-care based on self-check of health conditions and self-fitness at home“) aims to develop a fitness assistant which allows users to prevent age-related frailty independently. The assistant will measure various vital signs and use them to create individual training plans which users can access via their TV sets. A novel portable activity sensor individually adjusted to each user’s needs will collect information on activity profiles and lifestyles. Since users can check their own fitness and health their awareness is raised.

The second project’s abbreviation, AHEAD, means “Augmented Hearing Experience and Assistance for Daily life”. The project will develop an assistant to help cope with everyday life based on hearing aids since hearing aids are technical devices that the elderly end users already are familiar with. The voice-controlled assistant can remind users of important events (dates or to take their medicine) or warn in case of danger (forgotten hotplates or open windows). What is more, with in-ear sensors the assistant can measure vital signs and refer to a care provider or physician.

Both projects will last three years and start middle of 2013.

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