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Let the cycling begin!

Saturday, 20. February 2016

Even though spring is here and the days have already become longer and brighter, winter is always a good time to dwell on the importance of lighting for bicyclists. Thus, we started an event called “Münchner Radlleuchten” which took place at the end of February at Odeonsplatz in Munich. The Police offered information on the legal issues of lighting a bicycle, our RadCheck module put emphasis on working bicycle lamps, and it goes without saying that our latest module, the Dunkeltunnel, was the center of attention.

Speaking of latest module: The Dunkeltunnel will soon have to yield this title to another module – we are currently developing one that lets you test how much energy a bicycle helmet can absorb. Just to whet your appetite: You will be surprised! We will of course tell you when and where you can try it out for the first time.

And all this is not the only thing that will happen bicycle-wise this year: Our popular Schultournee will take place for the first time in some years in elementary schools as well and we are not likely to forget our well-tried modules such as the RadCheck. It takes place at even more different places than last year which are listed here.

Last but not least, an event note: We are currently planning an event  with Stilrad as partner which will take the bicycle as point of origin and will network cyclists, our innovation network MILE, and other stakeholders and mutiplicators from the area of active mobility. “Actively mobile with style” will try to fathom what style could mean in connection with active mobility and what we can do to bring our results to life.

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