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Fu Shi the Wise

Wednesday, 09. September 2020

We haven't heard from Fu Shi in quite a while: Fozzy's Alter Ego in search of wisdom ... Wen we saw him last, he had become bit disillusioned with his search for wisdom and started prophesizing with Fozzy. But now, he is back at it:

For some time now Fu Shi had been pondering in circles; not being really productive with all of his "delving into wisdom"-issues. He much liked the idea of teaming up with Fozzy to try forecasting what a wise future could look like. Then he got lost in the question if this would rather be fore-thinking or forecasting, or, best, prophesizing? Because… who really cared what an Alter Ego of Fozzy would come up with, anyway?

Covid19 suddenly changed this. It became so obvious that wisdom, in combination with creativity, is what really was lacking in public discourse. He was so happy that, for some time at least, lobbyists did not have too much of a say in political decision making. Experts in virus research became the holy sages – which was all good; just: They are no sages. They are essential in understanding the virus. But they cannot propose the best possible action road map taking overall societal concerns in mind, in short-term and long-term view. Was not this how he understood the role and power of wisdom?

End of April, he heard about “Leopoldina” for the first time. An interdisciplinary council of experts inaugurated to help political decision making in Germany. A great approach to start with, he thought; why is their voice not heard more often? Especially as their suggestions seemed “wiser” than anything else he had heard at that time… In a way he was relieved and frustrated at the same time. Relieved, because if not even they had much of a voice, how could he himself expect that his demands for more wisdom would create much of an effect. Frustrated, because Covid19 so obviously showed the need of thinking beyond particular expertise and lobbyism: Creativity to develop new concepts to deal with the diverse challenges, wisdom to prepare for creative synergies and “judge” new concepts when there is no time for merkelizing.

No, he decided that it is high time he teamed up with Fozzy again on attempts to prophesize, or however it should be called. The idea to propose how a wise future would look like is too important in itself, also in adding to the discourse culture around the world… So he hurried to start things up again.

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