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Fu Shi the wise

Wednesday, 08. March 2017

Whn we last saw him, Fu Shi’s search for wisdom and dialogue with his Alter Ego, me, ended quite abruptly with a very practical problem: Searching for wisdom, maybe even being wise, is one thing. Bringing more wisdom into the world (which Fu Shi and me both think is extremely important right now), however, is a completely different question. Especially the dominating primacy of amassing more money as guiding principle for economy, politics, and society is not wise at all. However, to bring more wisdom into the world, we need money; so we have to chase profits in order to compensate the negative effects of chasing profit.

Fu Shi: And? Do you have solutions for this dilemma?

Me: That depends on how you look at it … I began by thinking about which institutions could have an interest in more wisdom in this world. I found a lot: UN or government organizations, trusts, certain companies, NGOs, …

Fu Shi: But that sounds great!

Me: But it was the wrong approach. Interest alone is not enough: There also have to be sufficient means, there can be no opposed rationalities, and there can be no short-term earmarked means. One or the other of these stumbling blocks applies to all of the above institutions.

Fu Shi: But who then should …

Me: People with more than enough money who firstly would use a part of it to do something meaningful and who do not just want to make more money, who also have a heart and a passion for topics such as “more wisdom in this world”, and who are most importantly not already on their own mission. Götz Werner for example could be such a person, but he told me that all goals I could reach with “more wisdom” could be reached better, faster, and more palpable with a universal basic income. That is his mission.

Fu Shi: Do you know more such people, but without their own mission?

Me: Some friends and acquaintances do claim it adamantly, and I trust them. But maybe we have to take a detour.

Fu Shi: Which detour?

Me: Wisdom is way too abstract for most people, or too esoteric. You can’t mobilize them with wisdom – which is a pity, as what could be more sensible? But that’s just how it is. So. Since a passion for a better world is a central success factor for an effective use of resources, we should ask such people, what is their main topic for the future or their pivotal problem they want to address. This way, we can develop “wise” approaches for exactly those topics and voilà – we united resources, mission, and wisdom in concrete projects.

Fu Shi: Sneaky wisdom. You little rascal. And you think it will work?

Me: I hope so. I have no better ideas. Maybe someone even reads this dialogue and contacts me. In any case, I’m going to continue with this approach and hope I can tell you more in the next article …

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