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Fu Shi the wise

Wednesday, 08. March 2017

Fu Shi had read the story and the model regarding new societal systems again and again. “Not so bad”, he thought, “At least different. And it is surely correct that striving for wisdom only has an impact in a context that allows for wisdom.” The main problem, however, had not been solved: Just by writing down a model, you cannot bring more wisdom to the world. Had he become an activist fault-finder? Whatever. The daily dose of Trump was a cry for action.

“So, alter ego. How do you propose to bring wisdom into the world?”, he asked Fozzy quite bluntly

“I already told you. A model…”, Fozzy tried.

“And how do you implement your model? And do not even start by designing a model how the model and so on…”

“Oh. But I could offer a beautiful process model. We as innovators …”

“Innovators or babblers? Something has to happen!”

That a monk could be this harsh … and on his own alter ego! “Okay, then I will implement a project. I will take a topic that interests a lot of people and design and realize solutions based on my model.”

“For example?” Fu Shi remained persistent.

“Fear of terrorism. A desirable future is one without terror. You could of course minimize the motivation for terror by distributing resources more fairly and implementing believable values. But even if this were possible, it would take forever. To change the world more immediately, it could be wise to foster the other model dimensions empathy, sense, and joy in those who could potentially become threats”. For example stimulating a new form of social-mental balance in society and in people. This could happen by employing the strong active factors music and sports …” Fozzy’s thoughts gained momentum and suddenly, he had the idea: “Let’s develop Islam-compliant dancing in Iraq!”

“Do you mean that? And if yes, how do you want to proceed?”

“I know a great musician, a dance instructor, clowns knowledgeable in Islam, an Iraq correspondent …”

“And who will pay?”

“We would only need about 1000,000 EUR …”

“And how would you get those?”

Fozzy was stunned – partly, because he could not come up with an answer. So he started a counter attack: “A cruise missile costs over a million Euros. The last war in Iraq saw 20,000 of those. These things always get financed … but using a tenth of the costs of one single cruise missile to try and find new ways to fight terrorism is impossible?!”

“Well, your idea is good, no question. It should be at least tried. However, no one is going to bankroll you …”

Unfortunately, Fozzy had to concede: His alter ego was right. And of course he  understood that such projects need money. Even saving the world costs money. So … he would have to think more money-oriented in order to compensate the negative results of being oriented towards money. This conundrum needed solving. Fozzy started thinking and planned, to have solutions to present in the next newsletter

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