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Fu Shi the wise

Friday, 02. December 2016

Fu Shi had become quite accustomed to this great feeling somewhere between joy and vocation: Strolling through the world, searching for wisdom and what constitutes it. Brexit, Pegida and vegan sausages did give him pause, but what the hell: A Zen-master also ponders what clapping with only one hand sounds like.

When Trump became the “leader of the free world”, however, Fu Shi was rudely pulled from his ivory temple: Whatever wisdom might be exactly, one obviously needed more of it. Right now, right this minute. He went and visited that guy with his crystal ball, he at least seemed to be quite clear-sighted.

“Oy, Alter Ego … forget my logic of presages. We need practical wisdom in this world. It’s urgen’t!”

“That is not as simple as it sounds …”

“What? You, the occupational pragmatic and innovationcharly, have no ideas? No solution?”

“Well, yes, but my solution is complex and takes time …”

“It can’t be that hard?!”

“Yes, it can. Look, if there was wisdom in the world right now, but at the same time the usual greed, growth, and bureaucracy still rule the world, the wise would be torn apart, or wisdom would become historic folklore, like in Japan.”

“And the solution is …?”

“You have to offer a comprehensive, new model which serves as orientation for the development of societal systems. Look, I prepared something …”

[Fu Shi pulls a poster out of his robe. Internet users can see it here.]

“Wow, that looks telling. But I need at least a short explanation”

“No problem, I even wrote a text explaining the poster, but it is only a first, shy try. You are welcome to read it! As well as all other interested persons … until this is really good, a lot of commentaries have to written and read. If you are such a reader, willing to comment and interested in this new model, please write to me: efm@we dont want!”

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