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Fozzy LIVE from Lima - Part 4

Wednesday, 10. July 2013

Yesterday, the cultural evening took place. I was healed, could see dances and an illuminated pyramid and, what else, drink Pisco Sour. I had an interesting conversation with Walter Schneeloch who is a member of the Sport for All committee. He as well is very interested in the question how different resources could be combined even better in the interest of Sport for All...

Step by step, concepts for taking action begin to take form. Nice discussions with Gary Hall of World Fit Walk where top athletes support and encourage physical activities. This is a perfect fit for the Global Ride to Rio and new projects - and already works perfectly. Also with Timothy Armstrong of WHO who calls for new partnerships, exactly what I promoted in my contribution.

Well, and the short conversation with Jacques Rogge...Everybody wants to shortly talk to Jacques Rogge. I'd have liked to learn more about his visions for Sport for All. But I could and would not go deeper: I'm already exhausted after the 15th consecutive topic, and for this short walk with Rogge on the steep coast, the line was even longer.

In a nutshell: an exhausting but still a good time. The Peruvians were extraordinary hosts, beyond all expectations and even apprehensions. All in all, there were many good talks and great contacts, and nice moments like spending time with my new friends Margit und Giedrius,with Peruvian football stars, the IOC member from Mozambique, and much more. Now, all this has to be distilled into the right actions: Most importantly, a holistic vision regarding the possibilities of Sport for All seen through new coalitions, the recommended procedures, and the following meetings for concrete projects. This is bound to help Sport for All the most. And for me: some quiet ...

Adios from Peru

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