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WISS - What's that?

Wearable technologies are a mega trend today. They shall enhance physical performance, improve health and comfort, monitor vital signs, entertain and be fun.

Many of these effects are also relevant for the elite sports. Thus, it is expectable that the development of these technologies in the field of elite sports are already at an advanced stage. But it is almost the contrary: Although, there is a great interest and need wearable technologies are often not used in elite sports. Reasons are the often (still) scarce measuring accuracy and compatibility as well as uncertainty regarding the application potential and the choice of useful applications.

Despite all these problems, it is not useful to neglect the potential of wearable technologies in elite sports. There are too much possibilities: For example, movement can be monitored and assessed much more precise and comprehensive. The communication within competitions can be improved as well as accidents and overloading can be reduced.  

For creating a basis for using these potentials Innovationsmanufaktur and the Federal Sports Research Institute developed the innovation network “WISS” (We – Innovation in elite sports). It consists of all stakeholders and partners with relevant competences for the elite sports and it is aiming at identifying potentials, initiating realization projects and creating a general basis for expertise and synergies in this field.

For further information about WISS, please have a look at the WISS platform or contact network management:

Eckehard Fozzy Moritz
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