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The international Sports-Innovation-Network

The international Sports-Innovation-Network (SINN-i) is a front-running network stimulating and creating innovations in the field of Health Style (physical activity, sports & health) with the core focus of bringing more joy of movement into the world.

The network encompasses not only an amazing array of highly competent partners representing all relevant groups of stakeholders (e.g. sports, health, sciences, technology, materials, engineering and education), but even more brings together enthusiastic and passionate innovators in the field of physical activity.

Value added for you:

  • Easy and direct access to knowledge, expertise and partners for mutual learning, exchange of experiences and resources
  • Cooperating in projects and activities interesting to you, and suggesting new projects and/or new partners
  • Joining the global innovation and mutual learning platforms
  • Supporting the search for opportunities regarding financing and access to other resources
  • Participating all events organized by/within SINN-i for free
  • Suggesting your own events, topics and fields of action
  • Introduction into and application of the method of Holistic Innovation as a systemic, systematic and creative methodology for creating successful innovation
  • SINN-i management: More than 20 years of related experience in innovation networks and systematic innovation work

The SINN-i grew from the (German) Sports-Innovation-Network (SINN), which was founded in 2010 in Munich. Since 2017 the network is internationalizing funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research. The first partner countries are Great Britain, Spain, Japan, South Africa & Germany. Further countries are being included soon.
Today, the SINN-i consists of about 50 partners creating and realizing innovation.

For further information, please have a look at SINN-i's homepage or contact network management:

Franziska Krüger
Project manager
Email: fk@we dont want

Eckehard Fozzy Moritz
Email: efm@we dont want

fon.: +49 89 1891719-0
fax: +49 89 189171920



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