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2017 03 IM-News en.pdf

Innovationsmanufaktur's newsletter 03/2017: Questionnaire OpenLight, Internationalizing the SINN, Action dialogue Good Future, Fu Shi the Wise

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2016 04 IM-News en.pdf

Innovationsmanufaktur's Newsletter 04/2016: Thinking the future ahead, Network Wearables in elite athletics, new bicycle events, Fu Shi the wise

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2016 08 IM-News engl.pdf

Innovationsmanufaktur's Newsletter 08/2016: Bicycle expertise for children, University course on sustainability, WISS-project for more excitement in track, Fu Shi the wise

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2016 12 IM-News en.pdf

Innovationsmanufaktur's Newsletter 12/2016: Projects on the lighting of the future, track cycling pedals, and bionically inspired safety equipment, Fu Shi the wise

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2015 02 IM-News en.pdf

Innovationsmanufaktur's Newsletter 02/2015: Pleasure in Mobility, Workshop on financial systems, Wearable Technologies and corporate health management at ISPO, Fozzy's crystal ball

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2015 06 IM-News en.pdf

Innovationsmanufaktur's newsletter 06/2015: Bicycle events, new innovation network, event on pleasure, dates and events, Fozzy's crystal ball

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2015 10-IM-News engl.pdf

Innovationsmanufaktur's newsletter 10/2015: Wearables in elite sports, SINN goes Rio, Master studies "Economy for Society", Lab trials for AHEAD, Fu SHi the Wise

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2014 01 iM-News engl.pdf

Innovationsmanufaktur's Newsletter 01/2014: EU-project AHEAD, future council of Innovationsmanufaktur, Future Incubator, Dates & Events January-March 2014, Fozzy gazes into his crystal ball

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2014 05 IM-News engl.pdf

Innovationsmanufaktur's Newsletter 05/2014: Bicycle activities, feasibility study BioGLIZZ, book on the project SI-Screen/Elisa, Dates & Events May-July 2014, Fozzy gazes into his crystal ball

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2014 09 IM-News engl.pdf

Innovationsmanufaktur's Newsletter 09/2014: Analysis of our questionnaires, bicycle event modules, workshop in capital markets, Dates & Events September-December 2014, Fozzy gazes into his crystal ball

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2013-04 IM-News-en.pdf

Innovationsmanufaktur's Newsletter 04/2013: new EU-projects, Sport-Innovation-Network, Cycling Visionaries Award 2013, Dates & Events - April-July 2013

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2012-09 iM-News en.pdf

Innovationsmanufaktur's Newsletter 09/2012: Movement modules, 6th ISPO Innovation Forum, Rheuma-Park, Global Ride to Rio

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