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The action dialogue Good Future

Wednesday, 08. March 2017

Making our future desirable and livable, that has been one of the core principles of Innovationsmanufaktur since its founding. One big problem, which we find a very hard nut to crack  is, however, the money. Especially today, in the times of figures, numbers, and controllers, it is not easy to start projects that have a focus on quality of life and value orientation, but no exactly numberable return of investment.

Thus, Fozzy designed a new event especially tailored to this problem: The action dialogue Good Future. It is, in short, meant to network between responsible financiers and competent shapers with ideas and passion. A first approach is currently being planned together with Sparkasse Siegen.

The action dialogue is based on our established future evenings and will have an interactive character and inspiring locations. Good preparation and competent hosts will make sure that maximum productivity and action will go hand in hand with a great working atmosphere. A moderated dialogue will explore for which goals and under which basic conditions investors would provide such projects with money and which ideas and possibilities shapers actually have. Thus, investors can offer their own goals and define common goals for projects. Shapers on the other hand have the possibility to efficiently employ their passion and competence. Of course, we work more concretely as well: On this base, measures will be initiated regarding how a synergy of financiers and shapers could be organized and could contribute to an attractive future.

As first prototypes, we are planning two action dialogues Good Future: one more regionally oriented in the city of Siegen and supported by the Sparkasse Siegen, one with a more global focus in Munich.

You want to take part in one of the action dialogues, have further ideas or like to know more details? Fozzy is looking forward to discussing with you: efm@we dont want

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