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The following speakers were part of the last ISPO Innovation Forums:

Speakers 2012

Robin Homolac

Wednesday, 11. July 2012

Founder and Managing Director, URBIKE GmbH

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Kai Wippermann

Wednesday, 11. April 2012

Head of Marketing, Pantherwerke AG

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Kevin Mayne

Wednesday, 11. July 2012

Director of Development, European Cyclists' Federation

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Marianne Weinreich

Thursday, 26. July 2012

Vice Chair, Cycling Embassy of Denmark, Head of Mobility at VEKSØ

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Marco te Brömmelstroet

Tuesday, 31. July 2012

Assistant Professor in Urban Planning at the University of Amsterdam, Entrepreneur in bicycle solutions, Blogger about bicycle policies

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      • Hans Bullitt Fogh, founder, Larry vs Harry
      • Richard Aumayer, expert electromobility, Robert Bosch GmbH
      • Fritz Lietsch, editor, forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften
      • Johan Kotze, CEO, DAZUD
      • Manfred Neun, president, European Cyclists’ Federation



      • Thomas Hummel, International Sales, Biketec AG (FLYER)
      • Hep Monatzeder, mayor of the city of Munich
      • Manfred Neun, president, European Cyclists’ Federation
      • Heiner Monheim, Universität von Trier
      • Assaf Biderman, Copenhagen Wheel Project, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      • Maurice Manders, president, European Twowheel Retailers’ Association



      • Manfred Neun, president, European Cyclists’ Federation
      • Moreno Fioravanti, president, COLIPED Association of the European Two-Wheeler Parts’ and Accessories’ Industry
      • Verónica Pérez Sueiro, PR Coordinator, Global Alliance for EcoMobility
      • Annick Roetynck, secretary general, European Twowheel Retailers’ Association
      • Wigand von Sassen, authorized representative for bicycles, city of Munich
      • Benjy Barnhart, board member, Green City e.V.



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