Let’s do Future.



Methodology sounds like dry material and dull theory. With us, it’s the exact opposite. Although scientific discussion on Holistic Innovation is the basis of our work, we dovetail our theoretical, process-oriented, and structural expertise with concrete practice. We also actively implement our projects – that is, among other things, why we call ourselves “manufactory”.


The pillars of our work:


We tailor methods and techniques especially to your needs. We not only counsel and invent on paper but to roll up our sleeves when implementing the instruments. That means we only come to a rest when our ideas fit like gloves.

Variety of competences

Holistically effective solutions are our concern. Therefore, we consider every task from as many perspectives as possible and bring – as the task demands – various experts onboard.


Our goal is fulfilling the agreed specifications – or better yet: to outdo them and ourselves and at the same time to secure them in the long run. During projects it is important to us that our partners as well as our clients and the team have fun working.


Radical innovations (almost) never develop in existing structures and processes. That is why the innovative way to a never-before-seen solution has the same significance to us as the solution itself.


Our innovations achieve real added value for all involved. Apart from monetary interests, we contribute to a sustainable future and look for the human factor in processes of change.


We are only satisfied if our work fulfills all expectations and interests of our clients and partners and when it makes a perceptible difference in their quality of life.