Let’s do Future.



What have photovoltaic, electric parking assistants, and probiotic dietary supplements in common? They all operate under the name of "innovation" - a term which has become an over-used buzzword.

With our approach of Holistic Innovation, we distance ourselves from this usage. To be specific, we first develop and consider an understanding for the whole area of innovation. We then develop an innovation grounded in this understanding.

Our ambition is using our innovations to actively change the future towards a desired goal. We want to fulfill real needs of people and be meaningful for clients, employees, and the society. We to not refer to our work as success until it makes a noticeable difference in everyone's quality of life.

Fozzy summed up everything there is to know about the methodology that he and the team of Innovationsmanufaktur developed themselves in a book (in German only): Eckehard "Fozzy" Moritz (2009): Holistische Innovation - Konzept, Methodik und Beispiele (Springer Verlag, Heidelberg).